About AMSI Intern

AMSI Intern is a national program that recognises the growing need for high-level postgraduates to enter all industry sectors.

The program allows students to transfer their skills from theory into real-world application, while companies gain a competitive advantage through accessing high-quality research expertise.

AMSI Intern works across all disciplines, so if you have a project in mind (even if it’s not optimisation!) please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry.


Why use AMSI Intern?

AMSI Intern will connect you and your organisation to its network of 30 member universities, so that you can maximise your reach to students.

AMSI Intern manages the process end-to-end, from contract negotiation at the start to regular monitoring and check-ins during the internship.

Project Structure

Internships are of a short duration, typically 4-5 months.

All internships begin with a project plan, which sets out objectives and milestones so that expectations are managed for all parties.

AMSI Intern has a standard contract, which is familiar to partner universities. The contract ensures intellectual property remains with the industry partner.


Speak to one of our advisers

AMSI Intern advisers will be available during the networking events running throughout AMSI Optimise Days 1-3 and would welcome a confidential discussion about any projects you have in mind, or to answer any questions about how the program works.



A Faster Route to Greener Profits

With online sales soaring, logistics company Visa Global wanted to find more efficient ways to deliver goods, reduce their carbon footprint, and grow profits. They needed to optimise their routes.

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