We are accepting abstracts for the poster session on Day 2 and talks on Days 4 & 5 of the event. Please limit your abstract to approximately 150-200 words and indicate whether you would prefer to submit a poster and/or present a workshop talk.

Suitable topics include any area of optimisation including methods such as mathematical programming, constraint programming, heuristics, black-box optimisation, scheduling, approximation methods and computational algorithms. Contributions to methodology and descriptions of how optimisation can be applied to practical problems are welcome.

Please note abstract submissions closed on 4 June 2017.

Poster Session
The Poster Session will include a series of brief poster presentations, and is expected to be attended by conference delegates from industry as well as university-based delegates. This is a great opportunity to showcase your research to a wide audience and build your networks.

Workshop Talks
These talks will be held on Days 4 & 5 of AMSI Optimise, limited to 30 minutes per talk including any question time. The audience is expected to mainly consist of university-based delegates.

Please note there will be no conference proceedings.  

$500 in prizes to be awarded for the posters

Submit your Abstract