AMSI Optimise will comprise a three-day industry-focused conference, followed by a two-day research workshop. The symposium features expert and end-user talks, international guest speakers, collaboration showcases, industry challenge sessions and tutorials. The themes of the 2018 conference are Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Humanitarian Applications.

Please note the program is subject to change

Day 1 - Optimisation Under Risk
Time MONDAY 18 JUNE – Optimisation Under Risk
0800-0930 Opening Business Breakfast sponsored by Biarri
University House at The Woodward
Welcome to be delivered by: Professor Geoff Prince, AMSI
Professor Kate Smith-Miles, The University of Melbourne
Professor Peter Taylor, ACEMS
Opening remarks will be delivered by Joe Forbes, Biarri
0930-1000 RELOCATE to Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne
1000-1100 Plenary: Risk and Reliability in Optimization Under Uncertainty
Professor Emeritus R. Tyrrell Rockafellar
University of Washington, USA
1100-1130 Uncertainty and Monetary Policy in Good and Bad Times
Dr Gabriela Nodari
Reserve Bank of Australia
1130-1200 Reconstruction of missing data by optimal transport: applications in finance
Professor Gregoire Loeper

Centre for Quantitative Finance and Investment Strategies, Monash University
1200-1300 LUNCH
1300-1400 Plenary: Progressive Hedging in Nonconvex Stochastic Optimization
Professor Emeritus R. Tyrrell Rockafellar
University of Washington, USA
1400-1500 Predictability, and its Discontents
Dr Darryn Reid
Defence Science and Technology Group
1530-1630 Industry Challenge: Plan, React, Repeat
Alan Dormer
1630-1700 Day one wrap up
Day 2 - Disaster Management
Time TUESDAY 19 JUNE – Disaster Management
0900-1000 Plenary: Applied network design problems to support humanitarian operations
Associate Professor Marie-Ève Rancourt
HEC Montréal
1000-1030 Burning down stereotypes
Craig Brownlie
Country Fire Association
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
Industry Challenge: Disaster Management and Public Safety
1100-1130 Black Swans and Perfect Storms: Challenges in disaster management and resilience research
Professor Greg Foliente
Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS)
1130-1150 Critical incidents and next generation public safety
Ged Griffin
Victoria Police and Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety
1200-1300 LUNCH
1300-1400 Disaster Management and Public Safety Panel Discussion
Professor Greg Foliente, CDMPS
Ged Griffin, Victoria Police and CDMPS
Steve Tsikaris, Department of Treasury and Finance
David Williams, CDMPS
Paul Barnard, The University of Melbourne
1400-1500 Optimisation and quantitative risk opportunities in preparedness, mitigation and emergency management
Dr Simon Dunstall
CSIRO Data61
1530-1730 Hands-On Session: Influence Charts
Associate Professor Maria Antónia Carravilla
Universidade do Porto, Portugal
1800 Informal dinner at the Prince Alfred Hotel, Grattan Street
Day 3 - Optimisation Practice
Time WEDNESDAY 20 JUNE – Optimisation Practice
0900-1000 Plenary: OR Inside
Associate Professor Maria Antónia Carravilla
Universidade do Porto, Portugal
1000-1030 Case Study (Introduction)
Redesigning medical wards by optimally allocating specialties to minimize outliers
Dr Vicky Mak-Hau, Deakin University
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1230 Hands-On Session: Solving a logistics distribution problem using mixed-integer programming and matheuristics
Pedro B. Castellucci, The University of Melbourne and University of São Paulo
Dr Alysson M. Costa, The University of Melbourne
1230-1330 LUNCH
1330-1415 Women in Optimisation Panel Discussion
Chair: Professor Kate Smith-Miles
Associate Professor Marie-Ève Rancourt, HEC Montréal
Associate Professor Maria Antónia Carravilla, Universidade do Porto
Alison Harcourt, The University of Melbourne
1415-1500 Optimisation in the Darkness of Uncertainty: When you don’t know what you don’t know, and what you do know isn’t much!
Professor Kate Smith-Miles
The University of Melbourne
1530-1630 Case Study Continued
Dr Vicky Mak-Hau, Deakin University
1630-1700 Case Study Continued
Solutions Presentation
Dr Vicky Mak-Hau, Deakin University
1700-1710 APR.Intern
1710-1730 Poster Presentations
Mahla Babagolzadeh – A two-stage stochastic programing model to optimize logistical decisions in cold supply chain under government regulation
Cheng Cheng – Optimisation of Disaster Waste Management Systems
Dr Minh Dao – Optimisation Design for Energy-Efficient Downlink Cloud Radio Access Networks
David Hemmi – Stochastic MiniZinc
Dr Linh Huynh – Reconciliation of back-casted time series of different aggregation levels using constrained optimisation
Zahra Saberi – Customized assortment for online retailers considering basket shopping consumer using reinforcement learning
Dr Nadia Sukhorukova – Optimisation in industrial applications: disaster management and signal processing
Maziar Yazdani – Developing a Comprehensive Disaster Evacuation Planning Model for Urban Areas in Australia
Maziar Yazdani – Clustering Analysis of Vulnerable Areas in Australia’s Cities Against Disasters
1730-1930 Networking Drinks & Research Workshop Welcome
Day 4 - Workshop
Time THURSDAY 21 JUNE – Workshop
0915-1000 Invited speaker: Optimal Control for Computing Carbon Prices
Professor Christopher M Kellett
University of Newcastle
1000-1030 Decision-making under severe uncertainty: from worst-case analysis to robust optimization
Dr Moshe Sniedovich
The University of Melbourne
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1130 Recursive Evaluate and Cut
David Hemmi
Monash University / Data61
1130-1200 A fixed point operator in discrete optimisation duality
Professor Andrew Eberhard
1200-1300 LUNCH
1300-1330 About Stability of Error Bounds
Associate Professor Alexander Kruger
Federation University Australia
1330-1400 Curve clustering using Chebyshev and Least Squares approximation
Dr Nadia Sukhorukova
Swinburne University of Technology and Federation University Australia
1400-1430 Reducing post-surgery recovery occupancy under uncertainty
Dr Belinda Spratt
Queensland University of Technology
1430-1500 Mathematics in medicine: optimising image acquisition and cancer treatment in radiotherapy
Dr Michelle Dunbar
The University of Sydney
1530-1600 Augmented Benders’ Decomposition for Synchromodal Logistics
Andrew Perryman
Monash University
1600-1630 Efficient computation of cost allocations for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Dr Philip Kilby
CSIRO Data61
1630-1700 An algorithm for the network flow problem with multi-transport modes and time window constraints
Chaojie (Jasmine) Guo
The University of Melbourne
Day 5 - Workshop
Time FRIDAY 22 JUNE – Workshop
0915-1000 Invited speaker: Tactical Network Planning for Food Aid Distribution in Kenya
Associate Professor Marie-Ève Rancourt
HEC Montréal
1000-1030 Optimising the resilience of road networks under uncertainty
Arash Kaviani
The University of Melbourne
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1130 Post-disaster Humanitarian Logistics
Pamela Cortez
Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana, The University of Melbourne
1130-1200 Optimal Control of a UAV in Search and Rescue Operations
Dr Yalçın Kaya
University of South Australia
1200-1300 LUNCH
Douglas-Rachford Method: a View from Strongly Quasi-Nonexpansive Operators
Scott Lindstrom
CARMA, The University of Newcastle
1330-1400 Sparsity optimization for a network of coupled oscillators
Associate Professor Regina Burachik
University of South Australia
1400-1430 Quantifying expert judgement in an objective function for table-balancing
Dr Geoffrey Brent
Australian Bureau of Statistics
1430-1500 On Numerical Methods for Spread Options
Mesias Alfeus
University of Technology Sydney
1530-1600 A comparison of nonlinear, second order cone and linear programming formulations for the optimal power flow problem
Jose Nicolas Melchor Gutierrez
São Paulo State University and The University of Melbourne
1600-1630 Using column generation to solve an aircrew training timetabling problem
David Kirszenblat
The University of Melbourne
1630-1700 Process Plant Layout Optimization: Equipment Allocation
Dr Gleb Belov
Monash University