“I enjoyed the opportunity to network and strengthen
my existing networks. It was a great event!”

Belinda Spratt, Queensland University of Technology

Industry Conference

0800-0900 REGISTRATION (tea & coffee served)
0900-0930 Opening ceremony
0930-1030 The Groundwater Challenge
Professor Craig T. Simmons
National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1130 Optimising the use of pumping stations in a wastewater network
Dr Christina Burt
Water Corporation
1130-1230 Intelligent Sensing for Urban Water Systems
Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver
The University of Western Australia
1230-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 Keynote: Simultaneous stochastic optimization of mining complexes / mineral value chains
Assistant Professor Amina Lamghari
University of Quebec, Canada
1430-1500 Open up your world with APR.Intern
Tracey McClurg
1530-1630 Network Optimisation in the Access Design for Underground Mines
Professor Emeritus Doreen Thomas FTSE, FIEAust
The University of Melbourne
1630-1700 Poster Session
0730-0930 BUSINESS BREAKFAST sponsored by BHP

Attracting and retaining the best STEM talent to the mining, oil & gas, agriculture & water sectors in a competitive labour market

Opening speaker: Dr Gaurav Singh, BHP
Panel facilitator: Dr Liz Dallimore, WA Data Science Innovation Hub
Panel members: Dr Kylie Hollins, Alcoa, Jane Mitchell, Water Corporation, Dr Julie Howell, Curtin University

0930-1030 Keynote: Optimizing Mine Planning and Operations
Professor Rafael Epstein
Universidad de Chile
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1200 Solving Real World Problems through Math – Improving Mining Productivity with Operational Simulation
Chet Fong
RPM Global
1200-1230 Optimisation opportunities to unlock further value from mine automation
Tarrant Elkington
1230-1330 LUNCH
1330-1430 Optimisation challenges in mineral and energy resource applications
Professor Peter Dowd
University of Adelaide
1430-1500 Synthesis of supply chain transport data using generative neural networks
Herbert Taco Arana
Curtin University
1530-1630 Port Production Delivery Optimisation
Dr Stephen Beckwith
Optika Solutions Pty Ltd
1630-1700 Divide and Conquer: Taming blending constraints in mine planning models with stockpiles
Adjunct Professor Jose Charango Munizaga-Rosas
University of Chile
0800-0830 REGISTRATION (tea & coffee served)
0830-0900 Control of complex intersection areas in transient gas networks
Mark Turner
Zuse Institute Berlin
0900-1000 Opportunities for Optimisation in Oil and Gas & Considerations for Uptake
Dan Sutherland

Biarri EMI
1000-1030 Keynote: A bilevel programming model for a problem of market regulation: application to the Mexican petrochemical industry
Professor Martine Labbé
Universite Libre de Bruxelles
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1200 Optimising the layout of a chemical process plant
Professor Maria Garcia de la Banda
Monash University
1200-1300 The Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment (WISE) Program
Brad Holding
Innovation Central – Cicso Systems
1300-1400 LUNCH
1400-1500 Threshold Risk and Uncertainty Quantification in Environmental Modelling
Professor Jerzy A. Filar
Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics, The University of Queensland
1500-1530 Australian Actuaries Climate Index (AACI)
Pulkit Jain
1600-1730 Hands-on session: Optimising crop rotation schedules
Dr Alysson M. Costa & Simon Bowly
The University of Melbourne

The program outline is a guide only and subject to change


0830-0900 REGISTRATION (tea & coffee served)
0900-1000 Keynote: Bilevel programming, Stackelberg games and pricing problems
Professor Martine Labbé
Universite Libre de Bruxelles
1000-1030 Integrated Vessel and Helicopter Routing for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities
Dr Elham Mardaneh
Curtin University
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1130 Bayesian atmospheric tomography for detection and estimation of methane emissions
Laura Cartwright
University of Wollongong
1130-1200 Real time optimisation of air quality predictions for Australia through Artificial Intelligence
Ekta Sharma
University of Southern Queensland
1200-1230 Generating mixed integer programming test instances with challenging properties
Simon Bowly
The University of Melbourne
1230-1310 LUNCH
1310-1410 Keynote: Solution Methods for Stochastic Mine Planning
Professor Amina Lamghari
University of Quebec, Canada
1410-1440 Newton-MR: Newton’s Method Without Smoothness or Convexity
Dr Fred Roosta
University of Queensland
1440-1510 A flexible approach for finding the best approximation to the intersection of convex sets
Dr Minh N. Dao
The University of Newcastle
1530-1600 Lyapunov functions and convergence of Douglas-Rachford method for non-convex problems
Dr Bjorn Ruffer
The University of Newcastle
1600-1615 Probabilistic Robust Anti-disturbance Control of Uncertain Linear Systems
Peng Cheng
Curtin University
1615-1630 The Relationships Among Commitment to Change, Coping with Change, and Job Satisfaction
Xiaoli Cao
Curtin University
1630-1645 The tensor complementarity problem
Xueli Bai
Curtin University
1645-1700 Mixed-integer min-max dynamic optimization and its application on identifying dynamic structure and parameters of glycerol continuous fermentation
Juan Wang
Curtin University
1700-1715 Research on loss analysis of power distribution network and auxiliary decision-making technology of loss reduction and efficiency increase
Jie Liu
Curtin University
1715-1730 An ensemble dynamic metabolic fluxes modelling of glycerol metabolism in Klebsiella pneumoniae
Jianxiong Ye
Curtin University
1730-1745 Optimization of Impedance Matching Network in Wireless Power Transfer System
Yuanyuan Liu
Curtin University
1745-1800 Robust Real-Time Optimization for Blending Operation of Alumina Production
Lingshuang Kong
Curtin University
1800-1930 Optional Informal offsite dinner
0730-0900 REGISTRATION (tea & coffee served)
0900-1000 Keynote: Optimization of Forest Industry Operations
Professor Rafael Epstein
Universidad de Chile
1000-1030 Integrated Water Balance Optimisation at Roy Hill
Dr Giovanni Firmani
Roy Hill Iron Ore
1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1130 Potential flow of fluid from an elevated, two_dimensional source
Shaymaa Shraida
Murdoch University
1130-1200 Model predictive control and distributed optimization in the context of smart grids
Dr Philipp Braun
University of Newcastle
1200-1215 A knowledge management system for emergency management
Chunjuan Li
Curtin University
1215-1230 Energy saving optimal and numerical simulation of new car engine vane pump
Chuanlai Yuan
Curtin University
1230-1245 Research progress on energy utilization of agricultural waste in China:bibliometric analysis based on citespace
Jiapei Wei
Curtin University
1245-1300 Convergence analysis of parallel block alternating direction method of multipliers family of nonconvex problems
Ya-zheng Dang
Curtin University
1300-1330 LUNCH
1330-1345 Optimization of Dynamic Motorway Traffic with Distributionally Robust Joint Chance Constraints via Ramp Metering
Chuanye Gu
Curtin University
1345-1400 Research on Synergistic Innovation Mechanism of Fintech and Regtech on Balancing Efficiency and Risk
Xiumei Lyu
Curtin University
1400-1415 An efficient NLP-based Specification Recognition Method for 2D Road CAD Drawing Compliance Checking System
Chongyi Liu
Curtin University
1415-1430 Event-triggered mixed control for Markov jump systems with time delay and input nonlinearity
Yanyan Yin
Curtin University

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Showcase your research to the optimisation community and build your networks.  Submit your abstract (max 200 words) for the poster session on Day 1 or workshop talks on Day 4 & 5.