Pulkit Jain

Australian Actuaries Climate Index (AACI)

In this talk we discuss the recently launched Australian Actuaries Climate Index (AACI). The (AACI) has been developed to measure how the frequency of extreme weather conditions is changing over time. It is designed to help inform actuaries, public policymakers, companies and the general public about climate trends in Australia.

This talk will cover the use of extremes and their relevance to risk, the calculation of the index and some interesting observations from the index that are relevant to the energy and agriculture industries.

Pulkit Jain

Senior Consultant, Finity Consulting

Pulkit is a senior consultant at Finity, providing actuarial and strategic advice to the insurance industry. Pulkit has spent the last 8 years consulting primarily on pricing strategy and natural hazard management. He has worked extensively with the insurance effort to rebuild Christchurch following the 2010/11 earthquakes and has also been helping insurers price for natural perils. Pulkit has a passion for understanding the effects of climate change and has more recently been working on projects to model its effects on extreme events.