Associate Professor
Rachel Cardell-Oliver

Intelligent Sensing for Urban Water Systems

Many types of sensors are deployed in urban water systems including end-user smart meters, water quality sensors in water or wastewater treatment plants, and in distribution or sewer networks. But the data collected by these sensors is often under-utilized. Data mining techniques can be used to interpret sensor data for evidence-based decision-making. This talk will explore the role of sensor instrumentation and data mining in urban water systems drawing on case studies in smart water metering for households and businesses, leak detection for distribution systems, and treatment plant monitoring.

Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, The University of Western Australia

Rachel Cardell-Oliver is a Computer Scientist with the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UWA. Her research on intelligent sensing systems integrates environmental sensing, wireless communication, and analysis of sensor data using machine learning techniques.   She works with multi-disciplinary teams to address environmental challenges such as increasing public transport patronage, reducing household water consumption, understanding water use by native Australian plants, and assessing the performance of rammed earth buildings in outback Australia.