Tarrant Elkington

Optimisation opportunities to unlock further value from mine automation

The mining industry is making significant strides towards automation as part of Industry 4.0, particularly in terms of machines and control. However, to support and fully exploit the benefits of automation it is important that mine planning can evolve to enable real time decision optimization. Not only does mine planning need to support the unique aspects of automation, but the planning process itself needs to be automated in order to make sense of information as and when it becomes available. There are several gaps to fill in this regard, and these will be the topic of the presentation. Several key areas will be discussed in concept as opportunities where breakthroughs are required.

Dr Tarrant Elkington

Global Manager, Snowden
PhD BEng(Hons) BCom MAusIMM

Tarrant is a mining analyst specializing in mining strategy optimization. He has worked in the mining research, consulting and software industry for the last 15 years, advising on projects across most commodities, regions and extraction methods. Tarrant is currently Global Manager of Snowden Mining Industry Consultants, managing teams of geologists, mining engineers, and software developers to assist mining companies with the evaluation, optimization and improvement of their mining projects and operations.