Associate Professor Maria Antónia Carravilla
Associate Professor Marie-Ève Rancourt
Professor Emeritus R. Tyrrell Rockafellar


Maria Antónia Carravilla is a teacher at Universidade do Porto (U.Porto) since 1985 and a researcher at INESC-TEC since 1990. She has been also visiting professor at Universidade de São Paulo. She is the Director of the Doctoral Program in Engineering and Industrial Management since 2016.

Maria Antónia has been responsible for several R&D contracts with industry, services and public administration. These contracts resulted in decision support systems that proved to be very useful tools for these organizations, leading to long-lasting collaborations with FEUP.

The applications of combinatorial optimization are related with Nesting Problems, Lot-Sizing, Staff Scheduling, Retail Shelf Planning, Supply Chain Management, Fleet Management, Pricing, etc. Methodologically the emphasis has been on optimization, namely through mathematical programming and constraints programming models and their hybridization with heuristics methods.

Maria Antónia received twice the award for best paper published in the previous two years by members of APDIO and as a result of the work developed in Retail Shelf Planning, our team was a finalist of the “Wagner Prize”, awarded by INFORMS.

As a teacher at U.Porto, she has been responsible for several courses related with Operations Research, Operations Management and Logistics that were taught at the BSc, MSc and PhD levels. She has supervised several PhD and MSc students whose theses were developed in academia as well as in industry.

Maria Antónia received in 2009, the first time it has been awarded, the Award for Pedagogical Excellence that aims to award the best teacher for the past 5 years.


Marie-Ève Rancourt is an associate professor of operations management at HEC Montréal. She is also a member of the Interuniversity Research Center on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT) and the Canadian Research Institute on Humanitarian Crisis and Aid (OCCAH), and affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her research interests are in the areas of humanitarian logistics, supply chain and transportation using techniques based on operations research and econometric.

Her recent work focusses on the use of mathematical modeling to solve real problems in applications with social impacts, particularly logistics problems related with relief operations, food security and healthcare delivery in developing countries. She is working in collaboration with different organisations, such as the WFP, Red Cross, and Last Mile Health to develop analytical methods for managing supply chains and access populations located in underserved areas. She received her Ph.D. in management science from HEC Montreal in 2013; a M.Sc. in modeling and decision support from HEC Montreal in 2007; and a B.Sc. in mathematics from the University of Montreal in 2004.

R. Tyrrell (“Terry”) Rockafellar is an American mathematician and one of the leading scholars in optimization theory and related fields of analysis and combinatorics. He is professor emeritus at the departments of mathematics and applied mathematics at the University of Washington, Seattle.

His research interests span convex and variational analysis, with emphasis on applications to stochastic programming, optimal control, economics, finance, and engineering.

For his contributions to convex optimization, nonsmooth analysis, and stochastic programming, Rockafellar was awarded the John von Neumann Theory Prize by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) in 1999. His decades long career in the field was celebrated, ranging from his 1963 PhD dissertation to his more recent work on scenario analysis and epiconvergence.


Craig Brownlie, Country Fire Authority
Alan Dormer, Opturion
Dr Simon Dunstall, CSIRO Data61
Professor Greg Foliente, Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety
Joe Forbes, Biarri
Ged Griffin, Victoria Police Force
Professor Gregoire Loeper, Monash University, Centre for Quantitative Finance and Investment Strategies
Dr Vicky Mak-Hau, Deakin University
Dr Gabriela Nodari, Reserve Bank of Australia
Dr Darryn Reid, Defence Science and Technology Group
Professor Kate Smith-Miles, The University of Melbourne


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